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A paddle

A paddle

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Twocan,two parrots

I have recently been playing around with different mediums. I thought if David Hockney www.davidhockney.com can do it so can I. Here are a couple of watercolours, a pastel and a couple of computer manipulated images.
It,s interesting what you can do with images in both Artrage and photoshop in fact when I recently took some of my art to a gallery in Boston, that is Boston England ie where it all started for our North American friends. They were very interested in the computer art so I have included two images that they wanted. Purists are now turning in their graves.... sorry studios. David Hockney has recently been exploring the use of the iPad and with a programme such as ARTRAGE you can obtain some interesting results.

 Toucan Watercolour
 Toucan pastel
 Parrot watercolour
 Same image manipulated in Photoshop the gallery wanted this and the one below.

Produced with Artrage on an iPad.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Postcards from Egypt

I ,ve just returned from Egypt. Everything was fine until a week before we returned, a little local difficulty.... a Revolution.To be honest we didn't come across any problems down on the Red sea, but it was concerning none the less. I think a lot of Brits and Americans in particular experienced problems in getting out of Cairo quickly.
Egyptian people in general are lovely friendly people who deserve a much better standard of living and political freedom. Democracy does not exist in Egypt and people are fed up with a Dictator and regime who deny their people basis human rights. I hope and pray that this does not deteriorate into either a bloodbath or a fundamentalist islamic state making the world even more unsafe than it is already. God Bless the people of Egypt.

Here are a few Watercolour sketches from my recent visit.

 Sharks bay Sharm el Sheikh
 Bougainvillaea just outside of our room.
 It took me ages to get a photo of this Camel . Every time I got out my camera the camels owner demanded money.I waited until he went into a shop and Snap !. smelly things camels.
 My feet
 More Bougainvillaea...........
 Apart from pigeons and Egrets the only other birds you seem to see are sparrows.

 Now I had problems getting the Water chute right I think I have just about go away with it.
I havent a clue what this flower is , maybe you know, an I think this is an Egret.

To find out how yours and other governments treats its citizens try http://www.amnesty.org.uk/

Monday, 3 January 2011

Fantasy Art

The Enchantress

I,ve recently become interested in Fantasy Art something I didn,t really know existed until I came across Matt Dixons book "The FANTASY ARTIST'S FIGURE DRAWING BIBLE". I think it will help with anatomy and is well worth a look if you are interested in the subject.Here,s my first "stab" at a figure. I,ve since bought a scanner and tablet and have tried to draw digitally ...... it,s not going well, need a lot of practise using the tablet.Watch this Blog!!.