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A paddle

A paddle

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Our spanish apartment

While I was on holiday in Spain I was really stuck for things to paint. It,s amazing the more you look for inspiration the harder it is. I had the equivalent of writers block,nothing really inspired me, anyway here are a few of the things I found in the apartment that I sketched and painted. If you like the
art of Jack Vettriano you may want to follow this link http://www.jackvettriano.com/paintings/ I read that he is self taught and practised by copying other artists so I,m in good company, but I dont think I,ll be another Vettriano. Shame, I think I could deal with the money and fame.

here,s a page from my sketchbook the sofa is real, the plant a figment of my imagination.

I,ve never painted a bowl of fruit before so this is a first.

There was a Vettriano print on the wall in the bedroom so I thought I would give it a go.Have a look at his web site http://www.jackvettriano.com/paintings/ a genius.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Recent Watercolours

                                                                         "Going home"

I,ve recently sacrificed watercolour in favour of pastels but after returning from Spain when I took a small paint box and did a few sketches I,ve sort of come back to it. Here is my latest painting.